Career Development with Time+Basil

We are proud to announce the opening of our Entry Level B2C Sales position! We are currently working with an incredibly massive telecommunications client and they are looking for customer growth in the New Jersey market! It is our mission at Time+Basil to help them do just that!

Because of the results we have brought our telecom client, we have acquired a new client!

Sales Representative

In the sales position an individual is responsible for the following:

  • Learning a simple system for sales success
  • Daily practice and implementation of our system
  • Memorizing a simple sales pitch
  • Gaining product knowledge of telecommunication products
  • Working and learning well with other team members
  • Meeting face to face with consumers in the New Jersey area
  • Working hard and HAVING FUN!

Once an individual masters the sales process and can effectively manage themselves, we promote those individuals into leadership roles.

Leadership Roles

In leadership roles individuals would be responsible for the following:

  • Continuing work with sales system
  • Conducting professional interviews on behalf of the company
  • Customizing training programs for new employees
  • Developing a group of team members to achieve common goals
  • Traveling to conferences … WE LOVE TO TRAVEL!

After leadership and the success in team building. We promote those individuals into Assistant Management roles.

Assistant Managers

Once proven in team building and development we promote our employees into assistant management roles. In assistant management our employees learn the back end side of our business. Human Resources, recruiting, payroll, ad management, SEO, Social Media, hiring, firing, client negations, and overall management of the entire office.

Essentially they are learning the importance of “back-end” office operations including:

  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Financials and Payroll
  • Hiring and Firing
  • Planning company goals
  • Overall running and managing of the office

Once proven that skill sets are learned in all areas of the business, individuals within the company have the opportunity to run and manage their own sales office.


Now the fun part. Business ownership + management. Once an individual in our company proves they can do the sales, they can train and manage a team of people who produce at a high level. Time and Basil will seek out a client to work with our new manager in any city they choose (but only if the market is going to be successful for them).  In business ownership an individual is responsible for running the entire office.


In Management individuals are responsible for:

  • The entire office operation
  • Making final decisions
  • Mentoring others to achieve similar goals
  • Creating the schedule

All positions are paid off of personal performance. Uncapped commissions. This is not your typical 9-5. Individuals succeed in the training program based on their own merit. We don’t work with people who don’t work hard. 1 rule…Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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